Learning to machine knit

I’ve had my mum’s old knitting machines under the bed for a while now, along with another machine found in my sister’s loft when she moved house.

Having been told by mum that they were broken and would need a service before they were used I put off delving into them.I did find a couple of people that would service them, but they were all over 100 miles away, a bit of a faff when you don’t have a car.

This Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to at least get my mum to show me what was wrong with them, so that I could take photos of the broken bits and get a quote on repairs. In the process we managed to get two of the three machines working, so I’m now very excitedly learning machine knitting. I’ve already got huge numbers of plans for designs to make in my head.

Now all I need to do is get to grips with the machine. As I learn new things that the machine can do, I’m making more mistakes, but making different mistakes each time at the moment, eventually it will be good. And I’m so very excited about what the future brings.


3 thoughts on “Learning to machine knit

  1. Class! I had the option a few years ago of buying a knitting machine or sewing machine. I got the sewing machine and have been secretly kicking myself for it ever since. I’ll be following your progress, although I think maybe I should really stick with the one thing ! 😀


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